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Deluxe Ski Jump 2

Gameplay from DSJ2

Deluxe Ski Jump 2Edit

Deluxe Ski Jump 2 is the second title in Mediamond's legendary series of DOS-based ski jumping games. Was relased in 2001 year.

If your computer does not meet the hardware requirements for you should try this game instead.

DSJ2 comes with 32 hills. The available game modes include world cup, team cup and practicing. DSJ2 supports replays and web-based hill records. Up to 16 players can play DSJ2 simultaneously.

DSJ2 is a DOS-based game and it might not run correclty on modern Windows operating systems. If problems occur, you could try running it under a DOS-emulator (for example DOSBox).

Full VersionEdit

The full version of DSJ2 comes with:

  • 28 hills
  • Hot seat multiplayer mode
  • Team cup competition mode
  • Save game feature
  • Entry to web hill records lists
  • Free updates to DSJ2 series

Key to the full versionEdit

Mediamond is happy to share the original fun with everyone for free! The following registration key will unlock the full version of DSJ 2.1! The key was relased on 2009-07-04 by Jussi

Key: 099-169-288

Records in DSJ2Edit

Country and K-point Record
Finland K105 119.05 m
Switzerland K170 211.66 m
Czech Rep. K135 158.04 m
Belarus K220 270.58 m
Austria K70 85.02 m
USA K130 169.51 m
Latvia K165 194.57 m
Poland K80 94.34 m
Japan K210 238.89 m
Belgium K95 127.25 m
Iceland K190 216.21 m
England K50 61.37 m
Germany K120 136.65 m
Estonia K155 187.53 m
Norway K90 105.40 m
Australia K240 300.82 m
Ireland K125 141.29 m
Ukraine K60 74.72 m
Hungary K180 230.71 m
Sweden K140 166.81 m
Italy K230 257.48 m
Denmark K75 97.12 m
Slovakia K110 132.86 m
Canada K185 210.00 m
Lithuania K145 170.21 m
Kazakhstan K85 107.49 m
China K205 246.96 m
France K160 180.54 m
Holland K100 127.52 m
Russia K200 231.73 m
Korea K150 178.16 m
Slovenia K250 290.44 m
Gameplay DSJ200:00

Gameplay DSJ2

Przykładowy skok


Deluxe Ski Jump 2 was once relased in Komputer Świat - Polish magazine. It contained 5 more hills (all of these hills are really in Poland):

Deluxe Ski Jump 2 hills
Hills with K Names of hills
<100m England K50Ukraine K60Karpacz K65 (DSJ2.1)Zakopane K65 (DSJ2.1)
Austria K70Denmark K75Poland K80Kazakhstan K85
Szczyrk K85 (DSJ2.1)Norway K90Belgium K95
100m-149m Holland K100Finland K105Wisła K105 (DSJ2.1)
Slovakia K110Germany K120Zakopane K120 (DSJ2.1)Ireland K125
USA K130Czech Republic K135Sweden K140Lithuania K145
150m-199m Korea K150Estonia K155France K160Latvia K165
Switzerland K170Hungary K180Canada K185Iceland K190
>199m Russia K200China K205Japan K210Belarus K220
Italy K230Australia K240Slovenia K250

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